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50 things I’ve learned in the last two weeks:

By Andrew Ritchie
  • Covid-19
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Blurred Geography by Meredith Earls
  1. People really care about being able to wipe their arse.
  2. Video conferences don’t energise me the way face-to-face meetings do.
  3. Exponential functions are scary when they work against you.
  4. I’m far more reliant on supermarkets than I’d like to be.
  5. Politicians actually do OK when they’ve got something to actually do.
  6. You can’t survive for very long just eating dog food.
  7. Writing is cathartic.
  8. The global community really cares about the elderly.
  9. Tom Hanks was actually in Australia.
  10. Some industries are very fragile.
  11. I quite enjoy an elbow bump. >*<
  12. Living in the country was a very good decision.
  13. Leadership really matters.
  14. Vaccines take a lot longer to produce than I realised.
  15. We’ve discovered a pretty sure route to stopping global warming.
  16. Healthcare professionals are worth their weight in gold.
  17. The Internet is pretty bloody important.
  18. The definition of the word sanguine.
  19. It’s hard to find many sanguine people right now.
  20. Nature is beautiful and ridiculously resilient.
  21. We’d actually have a chance in an Alien invasion.
  22. Very small things (like a mutated strand of RNA) matter.
  23. Watching live sport without a live crowd is unnerving.
  24. The sun will come up.
  25. Anarchy is further away than I thought.
  26. I consume way too much crap.
  27. We’re not done with truck drivers yet, Elon.
  28. It’s so important to be on the front foot.
  29. Dogs are immune to coronavirus.
  30. Government is about to get a whole lot bigger.
  31. Saying “Don’t worry” is an ineffective strategy against worry.
  32. My house is really not setup for remote working.
  33. It always rains just before you put the roof on.
  34. I should have more supplies on hand, always.
  35. The news cycle is now running at a nanosecond cadence.
  36. Some people just don’t want to believe stuff, regardless of the evidence.
  37. Local suppliers need more of our support, permanently.
  38. Hanging out in small groups is wondrous.
  39. I touch my face way too much.
  40. Caring about self is paralysing, caring about others, galvanising.
  41. This is an awesome time to do road works.
  42. Idris Elba is pretty bloody handsome.
  43. There’s a beauty and peace in living frugally.
  44. Work in the yard is exhausting.
  45. The stock market doesn’t always go up.
  46. We’re all in this together.
  47. Practical optimism is so important.
  48. Our freezer is way too small.
  49. How to establish a sourdough mother.
  50. Chicken wire is really annoying to work with.

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