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Managing Through Uncertainty: How businesses can navigate COVID-19

By Natasha Mandie
  • Covid-19
  • , From EMA
Image by Nick Fewings

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, almost all business owners are bracing themselves for what the next day might hold. With many businesses closing and others being forced to adapt to remote operations, owners and other business leaders are on edge. The pace of change, the need to protect our staff and clients, as well as the waves of government direction can become all-consuming and daunting. Many are in crisis mode and only focusing on immediate needs. In the midst of this, long term planning falls further down the rank of priorities.

While short-term plans are critical to the health—and ultimate success—of many businesses, owners cannot afford to forego long-term strategies. It’s imperative to find the balance between acting for today and acting for the long haul. Why? Because how your business emerges post-crisis, and your long-term success, will be fundamentally based on the actions and strategic choices you make today.

To weather the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge victorious, it’s more important than ever for us to use data and insight to make the right choices and explore different options.

At EM Advisory, we are working actively with our clients to understand the implications and potential repercussions of this crisis and develop short and long term response plans. We help our clients focus on the immediate operational response while looking at the longer term planning horizon. We provide the advice, research, analysis, and support to help you evaluate the next phase of your business while navigating today’s challenges.

We are open for business and our team is fully functional in a remote environment. We can:

• Evaluate long and short-term financial implications of various planning scenarios
• Analyse how this will impact the next phase of your business post COVID 19
• Consider and define strategic objectives
• Assist in debt restructure and negotiations
• Define roadmap, go to market strategy, and the capital required to get there
• Prepare your business for a capital raise, acquisition, merger, or sale
• Identify targets, acquisition strategies, and advise through all aspects of a merger or acquisition

So often, clients come to us at inflection points in their business. Many are not 100 percent certain of what to do or even which direction they want to go—and that is exactly where we can help. The aim of our process is to help clarify your objective, and then help you make the right choices that are aligned with your needs.

If you are unsure about how to move forward and need help clarifying your business strategy we would love to hear from you. Sometimes all it takes is a connection, an introduction, or a quick phone call to steer in you the right direction. Drop us a line and someone from our team will get back with you as quickly as possible.