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We help clients do the right deals, the right way and for the right reasons. 

Our clients come from all sectors, with a focus on Australian companies building global businesses. Technology deals are our specialty. 

Our goal is to open up more choices and help clarify goals – even in great uncertainty. This might involve a transaction, or it might not. We start every discussion with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ – before developing detailed plans for how and whether a deal makes sense. This structured approach delivers better results and drives long term, enduring relationships with our clients. 

Strategic Advisory +

We help you clarify and refine your strategic intent.

Beginning with the end in mind, we challenge clients to think beyond the obvious and help them develop a clear path. Using an analytical and data driven approach, we take the time to understand key drivers of your business and provide you with the insights to help build your plan. We work with you to assess the various options available so that you can choose the one best aligned with your goals.


A successful M&A program has to identify the right deals and say no to the wrong ones.

EM Advisory helps you assess the true value of an opportunity and potential strategic fit. Whether you are hunting or being hunted, our deep transactional expertise helps you assess the strategic value. From there we manage all aspects of the acquisition or merger to ensure the deal terms and commercial risks are appropriately addressed.

Private Capital Raisings+

Private capital raisings are so much more than access to a network or a rolodex.

It sounds simple – find the right investors. However, the most successful raisings are built on strong strategic narrative, tight processes and leveraging the right investor relationships for your business. Tenacity is crucial to achieve success.

We connect the right deals with the right audience in the right structure. Whether, raising equity, debt or some combination, we are recognised for our relationships with investors in Australia and internationally, who value our reputation and track record for presenting high quality opportunities.

Sales & Divestments+

When it comes to selling your business, time and process are critical to achieving the best outcome.

We have a proven track record of successful global exits for Australian companies. When you make EM Advisory part of your team, you bring on experience and independence. We help maximise competitive tension and potential outcome from your process.


We leverage our deep equity capital markets experience to help you assess, prepare for and manage IPOs and other listed capital raisings.

From the investor narrative, identifying the best structure and broker for your transaction to the appointment of underwriters, our process gives you control and reduces your risk of a public capital raising.

Our independence, structuring expertise and clear focus on you as our client allows us to leverage the best outcomes from your broker and other institutional relationships. We are there working with you every step of the way.


Crises require a unique approach.

In times of crisis many founders and executives need to make rapid decisions that can affect the health of the business. At EM Advisory, we help you navigate uncertain times to quickly design the right path forward for you and your organisation. Our candid advice and advisory expertise enables you to make fully informed choices that achieve desired results.

Whether it’s a time of expansion or a time of uncertainty, the EM Advisory team is here to help.

Strategic Communication+

Clear communication brings tangible results.

Even the best strategies and plans are less effective without proper communication. Clear, concise messaging drives credibility, brings teams together and paves the path to future success.

Whether it’s preparing results announcements, non-deal roadshows or composing investor presentations to support capital raisings and M&A, our team helps you to communicate the right message to manage your shareholder and broker relationships.